Bill Vendetti
“Starry starry night, paint your palette blue & grey.
Look out on a summer’s day,
With eyes that know the darkness of my soul.
Vincent this world was never meant for someone as beautiful as you.”
Don Maclean-Starry Starry Night
About Bill

Husband, father, grandfather, and hobby artist. Bill is a flooring and interior decorating sales consultant born in 1949, raised in in the Northern Ontario Mining City of Sudbury. Bill continues his lifelong passion of art.

Throughout history, man has expressed what he saw and what he thought on the cave walls, depictions of life’s struggles, displayed in primitive symbols.

It still goes on today with ever increasing skills.  Some have the talent to bring life to the canvas, others bring life and meaning to a poem, still others-wordsmiths-with lyrics for a song.


“Influenced by my mother and other artists' work, my passion from a young age was the symbol.  A thought or scene of not only what it looked like to me, but a deeper meaning of what it might mean.  I try to depict this in my art.  I like to challenge the viewer’s imagination on what message may be hidden in the scene.